Somewhere in Middle America

how much is that husky in the window?

Husky Lab at Humane Society

After dropping off my mom and grandma at the airport (sniff) yesterday, I spent the rest of the afternoon being productive. Here’s what I accomplished in a two-hour window:

  • Returned this quilt and matching shams to Target and picked up a couple of “essentials,” including a workout tank that I now have to go back to return (why don’t I ever try anything on first?)
  • Picked up purple paint chip samples for my bedroom at Home Depot (I’ll do a bedroom before-and-after post eventually)
  • Returned overdue library books (did you know that you don’t have to pay a fine if you return them within the 4-day grace period) and picked up this and this
  • Donated wee-wee pads leftover from Briscoe’s housebreaking days to the Humane Society and fell for the fella in the photo above, a Husky-Lab mix named Oz

And a couple of hours later…

How many items have you checked off from your To Do list this week?

the postmistress

After reading several reviews like this and this in February praising The Postmistress by Sarah Blake, I quickly requested it from the Omaha Public Library. It was a popular pick; a copy didn’t become available for me until early May. Eagerly I dove inside the pages expecting to fall in love with it as I did with The Help, but I was quickly–and sadly–disappointed. I couldn’t get into the story. I didn’t like the writing, the author’s overuse of commas. Feeling guilty, I returned the book to library yesterday unfinished. Now I wonder what everybody else saw in it that I didn’t.

I hate not finishing books, don’t you? Do you force yourself to get through books you’re not enjoying, or are you comfortable putting them down before reaching the end?

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