Somewhere in Middle America

hey you lurkers!

I know that there are many of you who read my blog and never comment. That’s cool. But I’d love to get to know more of my readers, so I’m inviting you to introduce yourself in the comments section below. Let me know who you are, where you are and what you like to do. Who knows? We could become great friends!

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22 Responses to “hey you lurkers!”

  1. ABC Dragoo says:


    We’re twitter friends – I am @abcddesigns

    I am a stationery designer who loves interior design and writes a blog about nesting, weddings, food travel and all things that inspire me.

    See you back over on Twitter!

  2. *waves from South Florida*

  3. I’ll continue that wave in NY :) Nice picture above, btw.

  4. martina says:

    I do comment every once in a while but I’ll still introduce myself.

    I’m a 24-y-o graphic designer living in Nashville. I work at a magazine publishing company but I do a lot of freelance, mainly wedding stationery. My musician husband, our 2 cocker spaniels and I live in a 1955 atomic ranch in a quirky neighborhood and scavenge for mid-century modern collectibles in our spare time.

  5. Sarah says:

    I’m loving that photo and sending you hugs from Montclair, NJ.

  6. Sarah Baker says:

    Hi PJ! It’s Sarah B. I’m a lurker, but I think you already know that. :)

  7. fresh365 says:

    Hi! I’ve been reading since byw and am having alot of fun doing so! Erin

  8. Christi says:

    Hi PJ –
    Looking over #NSS Tweets and saw yours and was curious Bcuz you live in Omaha and I’m in DSM. I’m a freelance photo stylist. I’m working on opening a small shop here where I’ll sell handmade and cottage industry, so I’m always looking at designers, etc. Have a great show. If you see Mincing Mockingbird, say “hi” – I’m a huge fan!

  9. Amy says:

    lurk lurk…I too have been reading since byw and love your blog!

  10. Alison says:

    Hello from Dubai! I’m a graphic designer and i love finding inspiration on your blog!! :-)

  11. Lola says:

    i’m going to venture to say that you know who i am :)

  12. Jessica says:

    I’m a graphic design turning web developer living in Missouri with my fiance. I’m pretty average and love crafts, interiors, graphic design, etc. I’m currently in the process of adding gardening to my fav interests and will hopefully have more time for it after our wedding in July.

  13. Lainey says:

    yes, i lurk. i live in omaha, working for a travel magazine, writing restaurant reviews for the reader and posting my own culinary creations on my blog.

    i love the photography here. you have a pretty web site.

  14. julie green says:

    hi, pj. i know we sort of became friends in the blogging your way workshop and on twitter, but here’s a little more about me:

    i’m a stationery designer and a fulltime mom. i quit my ph.d. in english to try something more fulfilling and creative. i love half moon cookies (but not black and whites — you might have to live in new york to know the difference).

    i want to get to know my readers better, too. i have a lot of readers and subscribers, but almost no comments or interaction. i’d really love to change that.

  15. Sylvie says:

    Hi! I’m Sylvie, a foreign rights assistant at a literary agency in New York, which sounds like a bunch of complicated nonsense but mainly involved sending chick lit to Brazilian publishers and hoping they’ll bite. I like riding a tandem bike, listening to This American Life while walking in the sun, and taking pictures of little things and of my lovely sister and friends:

    And I love reading your blog!

  16. lydia says:

    i’ve commented a couple of times before but will take the opportunity to introduce myself properly – it’s a nice idea for a post!

    i work in a dull numbers-based job in London, but interested in craft, design, environmental issues, food/cooking, yoga, and reading other people’s interesting lives and ideas via the internet!

  17. Jenny says:

    Hi PJ! I figured I’d send along some GPB BU love. Love the posts!

  18. Laura Potter says:

    Hello, I’m guilty of lurking. I’m a newlywed living in Oregon while my husband is in law school. My husband and I are about to celebrate our one year anniversary but he just left for Officer Candidate School and will miss it. I just started blogging. I actually discovered the blog world when my husband decided to join the Marines and I knew nothing about military life. It was military wife blogs that taught me everything. So after a year of lurking on other’s blogs I finally starting my own. I’m enjoying your blog.

  19. I comment every once in a while, but very rarely! I follow you on twitter (@myarmywifelife) and I think you may comment on my blog every once in a while, too!

    Anyways … background in marketing/advertising/PR. Amature photographer (love your stuff!). Army Wife currently suffering through deployment number two.

    That’s the big stuff :)

  20. Di says:

    Hi, I wrote you last year when you hadn’t posted in a while because I missed your blog. so “lurker” is the name of one like me you reads and enjoys but prefers most-times to remain anonymous.

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