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Once upon a time I subscribed to the now-defunct design magazine, Domino. I religiously tore out inspirational pages and glued them into scrapbooks or slid them into clear plastic binder sleeves; I never saved the entire issue. Then I got lazy. I stopped cataloging my favorites and just started stacking past issues on my bookshelves. In retrospect, I’m glad I decided to keep a year’s worth of Domino. It’s fun to flip through them to see what strikes my fancy now.

It’s not practical, however, to keep every single magazine I’ve received, and I receive quite a few of them: Real Simple, Entertainment Weekly, Vogue, Glamour, Lucky and Body + Soul. I also buy several on occasion, including Women’s Health and Psychology Today. When an article piques my interest, I end up setting aside the magazine to return to at a later time… which rarely happens. I’m wondering if I should start saving specific articles again, and, if so, how. I could paste them inside a notebook, file them in folders, store them in binders or scan them into the computer, as this post from Unclutterer recommends.

Do you save magazine articles for future reference? If so, what strategies do you employ to keep everything neat and organized?

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sara of party perfect’s inspiration books

I love the idea of collecting magazine images in inspiration books, gluing them into the pages of over-sized sketchbooks like these. The reason I don’t do this myself is because a) there are some magazines I just can’t bear to tear and b) I’d probably drive myself crazy trying to separate images by context — kitchen, living room, bedroom, fashion, etc. In my mind, being organized means creating categories for things. Too bad I don’t live by my overly strict rules! My house would be the epitome of organized.

Maybe I could be like Sara of Party Perfect, the creator of these inspiration books, if I could just get over the hump and give in to mixing and matching the pages of magazines into one book. Right now all of my tearsheets are sitting in a heap in my office.

How do you feel about tearing pages out of magazines? Where do you store your inspirational images?

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the nest magazine

Once upon a time, I got my hands on a copy of The Nest magazine. Now I’m wondering if it’s still available on newsstands or by subscription. I can’t seem to find any information about the magazine on The Nest website. Does anybody know whether the print version still exists–and if so, where I can find it?

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farewell, domino magazine

I’m sad to report that Domino, one of my favorite shelter magazines, has folded.

From New York magazine:

“This decision to cease publication of the magazine and its website is driven entirely by the economy,” Condé Nast CEO Chuck Townsend says in a press release that went out just now. “Although readership and advertising response was encouraging in the early years, we have concluded that this economic market will not support our business expectations.”

What does that mean for those of us with subscriptions? Do we get our money back?

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decorating the white house

I love this: domino‘s website features a room-by-room guide to the style evolution of the White House over the years. It’s really interesting to see how each First Lady made her mark on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Some of my favorites include:

Jackie Kennedys Master Bedroom

Jackie Kennedy's Master Bedroom

Laura Bushs Yellow Room

Laura Bush's Yellow Oval Room

Jackie Kennedys Green Room

Jackie Kennedy's Green Room

domino has just reported that Michael Smith, a Los Angeles-based designer, has been chosen by the Obamas to update the interiors of their new digs. I wonder what changes Michelle Obama will make to the most famous house in America.

Random question: Have you ever taken a tour of the White House? I think I may have when I was a little kid, but I clearly don’t remember. I’ll have to look through my parents’ photo albums for proof. Do they even offer tours nowadays?

(all images via domino)

cottage living kitchen makeover

S.HOPtalk posted an incredible kitchen makeover she found on Cottage Living‘s site, and I am smitten with the results.





Would you believe that the cabinets in the “after” photo are the same from the “before” photo? I love that the owners painted them white, added crown molding above them and hung a shelf beneath them.  I also adore those white subway tiles. Le sigh.

This kitchen makeover is almost as good as my friend Jamie’s… Talk about a transformation! Wow!


I recently canceled my subscription to Allure magazine (too much fluff, not enough substance) and am now considering subscribing to Martha Stewart’s body+soul instead. Right now you can get 10 issues for $10 at Whole Living.

Does anybody subscribe to body+soul? Is it worth reading month to month?

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ten to sixty

Remember how I used makeup to make myself look like a grandmother for Halloween? Pure amateur. Check out these photos from a magazine–the model was transformed from a ten-year-old to a sixty-year-old in six pages.

via Miss at la Playa

fly away with miss dior cherie

I just love this image. The muted colors. The beautiful girl and those legs. The scenery below. Those legs!

According to i heart you, the image is from a Sophia Coppola-directed commercial for Miss Dior Cherie perfume. The commercial, Ms. Coppola’s first, will debut tonight during Gossip Girl (which I don’t watch–do you?).

I wonder if the perfume smells as good as it looks…

allure magazine october 2008

When I received the October issue of Allure magazine on Saturday, I was surprised to see Lindsay Lohan on the cover… until I realized it was Ellen Pompeo, as a blonde. I think that color really works for her. Do you?

(December 2006 cover)

(top image scanned by me)

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